Tiny Talk Tuesday is a blog carnival started a few years ago by my friend Mary over at NotBefore7 in order to capture the sweet and funny things our kids say as they’re figuring out life (and language!).  Here are just a couple things heard around OUR house recently:

Where’s this Heading?

[My sister Amy and I were leveling out our picnic area in the backyard for our other sister’s wedding a few weeks ago.]

Heriberto: Mama, can we help?

Me: Sure!  Here are some rakes; just try to make the dirt smooth and flat, like we are.

[Minutes later]

H: Mama, how ’bout we just use our feet and stomp it flat.

Me: Ok, whatever.  That’s fine.

[Minutes later]

H: Mama, can we take our shoes off and stomp in our bare feet?

Me: Umm, sure, why not?

[Much dancing and whooping and digging of toes in the dirt ensues, and then…]

H: Mama, what happens if we just get down in the dirt and snuggle it?



Equals One Mile

[The boys learned about distance measurements in school this year, and “feet in a mile” has become their favorite measure for “A LOT.”  Some examples:]

  1. “Do we need 5, 280 moms to help out with our class?”
  2. “Mama, are you 5,280 days old?”
  3. “I’m going to keep saving my allowance till I get $5,280 in the bank!”
  4. [Not that I ever get frustrated with them, but…] “Mama, are you annoyed ’cause you’ve already told us that 5,280 times?”
  5. “Wow, I’m so hungry, I can eat 5,280 quesadillas!”

[José previously went through a phase where everything was “134,” so this is apparently a trend.  At least I can tie it back to some actual learning this time!]


‘Cuz That’s How They Roll Out There

[While playing with a Lego city they Heriberto had just built:]

José: No, Bear!  Your cars are going the wrong way on the road!

H: No, they’re not!  They go over here!  Mama, don’t they go over here?!

Me: [noting the left-side-of-the-road placement] Well, guys, if they’re in  most countries, yes, they’re fine.  But José’s right that here in the U.S. we drive on the right side.

J: [moves car to the right] Yeah, these guys are in the U.S.

H: [moves car back to the left] Yeah, they’re in the U.S., but they’re in Chicago.

[And for some reason, José was fine with that explanation, and the cars stayed left.  Guess they’ve heard about the politics out there, then.]  😉


Not That We Can Relate to This Experience or Anything

[We recently hung a suet feeder from our tree near the deck, hoping to attract more birds that we can watch and learn about… but we have a squirrel problem healthy squirrel population here in our neighborhood, so I opted for a hot-red-pepper suet block to keep them out of it.]

J: We put up the spicy pepper block because the squirrels don’t like it?

Me: That’s right.  And the birds don’t mind the spiciness, so they’ll come eat it.  In fact, they really like the hot pepper flavor.

J: Even the baby birds do?

Me: Well, I don’t know.  But maybe the parent birds tell them it’s really good, and so then they try it and like it.

J: Or MAYBE the baby birds don’t really like it, but then the mommy birds just tell them to “muscle through it,” and so they do.

[Huh, you’d think that last bit was auto-biographical…]


We Drink What?!

[Picking them up from swim team practice]

Me: Good news guys: I got almost all the grocery shopping done, so we don’t have to do that later today.  Except we’re going to have to stop somewhere to get milk.  Walmart didn’t have any.

H:  You mean they didn’t even have any Fat milk or Skin milk?

[No, definitely not… though I do think they prefer the terms “Whole” and “Skim”…]