Tiny Talk Tuesday is a blog carnival started a few years ago by my friend Mary over at NotBefore7 in order to capture the sweet and funny things our kids say as they’re figuring out life (and language!).  Here are just a couple things heard around OUR house recently:

Should’a Sprung for the Chest X-ray:

The boys and I were out trimming back some plants in our front gardens, when José asked me, “Mama, what was it again that our bushes had and then you had to dig them out and throw them away?”

[Correct answer: Gall.]

Heriberto (with full authority of tone): José, you know the answer to that question. It was tubarkulosis.

[Or that.]


The Purpose-Driven Side-Effect:

José (humming to himself, then starts singing): Chemotherapy, chemotherapy, chemotherapy…

[yeah, he does that with long words, sometimes]

House Guest : José, do you know what chemotherapy is?

José:  [deer-in-the-headlights look]

Me: Yes he does; we’ve been talking about that recently. José, what do people use chemotherapy to get rid of?

José (lightbulb!): Their hair.