Tiny Talk Tuesday is a blog carnival started a few years ago by my friend Mary over at NotBefore7 in order to capture the sweet and funny things our kids say as they’re figuring out life (and language!).  Here are just a couple things heard around OUR house recently:

Incredible Shrinking Parents

[Discussing the last day of summer camp]

Me: Remember, guys, you need to take your shoes off before you get in the moon bounce, so you don’t hurt someone, ok?

José: Are you going to go in the moon bounce, too?

Me: No, the bounce is just for the kids.

J: Yeah, if the mommies want to go, too, they’re gonna have to shorten up!


Is That What I Sound Like?

[Stuck behind a slow driver the other day]

H: Oh come ON, buddy!

J: Mama, is he just LEARNING to drive?!

[Oh boy…]


PLEASE Just Don’t Cancel the Fireworks!!!

[On our way to the local fireworks show, starting to rain]

Fred: Hey guys, just so you’re prepared in case it happens: if it starts to thunder, they’re going to cancel the fireworks show, and we’ll have to come home.

[Insert much protest from the young men]

Me: Well, guys, I know you’d be disappointed, but they have to think of the safety of all those people sitting out in the field.

Fred: Yeah, it’s not safe to be sitting out in the open if there’s lighting

Heriberto: But everyone could just stick their bottoms up!

[Problem solved… with the incorporation of some very obscure last-ditch-tip from at least a year ago.  Wow.  And then: what a mental picture!]


Gonna Keep Working on That Vocab, If It’s All the Same

[Woke up to a banging sound this morning.  Came downstairs to find the boys in the office, with scissors and a Gatorade bottle filled with solid ice]

Me: What are you doing?!

J: Hey, Mama, we isolated a lightning bug!

H: It was Lydia’s idea.  [Lydia is one of a pair of twin girls with whom we spent yesterday]

[Too bad Lydia doesn’t have any better grasp of the English language than we do!  “Isolated” = “Ice-o-lated” = “Froze” … poor lightning bug]


Higher Math

Fred [who, God bless him, has taken on teaching the boys their basic math facts to memorize over the summer]: What’s 9 + 3?

J [after a pause]: I don’t know.  I ran out of fingers.