A few good reads from this week.  As always, I don’t necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed but do appreciate that they were expressed and provided perspectives worth considering.

Open Adoption Roundtable #26: Talking about siblings in adoption at Mama C and the Boys on discussing biological siblings of adopted children with the adopted siblings of those children (got all that?).

Birth Parent Bias? at SocialWrkr24/7 : Eyes Opened Wider which I appreciated reading because when I did children-and-family therapy, before I was an adoptive parent, it used to frustrate me to no end how many times courts would reunify kids with their parents only for them to be re-abused repeatedly.  She presents the other side of that thought process.

He Has Had Enough, Thank You Very Much at The Dalai Mama on her son’s response to her making sure he has plenty of opportunities to play with other kids who look like him.

Crazy, Emotional Week at Elaine’s Blog – on being the secret granddaughter in her biological family (she was adopted into another one, but is reunified with her first).

Something to Think About at Linda’s El Salvador Blog (not an adoption topic – yes I do read other blogs, too!) – on the “luxury” of trash removal.

Parenting While Not Noticing Race at Adoption Talk (why she’s against it).

For little hearts to heal at Rileys in Uganda discusses the child-trafficking issue that intersects with our adoption world.

I want a mom who never goes away at Percolated Paradox by an adult foster-care “graduate” on the effects of never having a permanent family.

Living with the mess at Pound Pup Legacy provides personal perspective on why foster and adopted children sometimes hoard food or other items – worth the read for anyone parenting one of these kids.