Fred and I had one of our (many) gringo moments the night we first set up this blog.  While we owe the name idea itself to a good friend (Hi, Chris!), we discovered that HOW we spelled it sends messages we didn’t even realize. 

Mamasita – according to (and confirmed among other sources), “is a misspelling of mamacita, the Spanish for ‘little mother.'”  It means “a hot mama; a hot babe; a ho of particularly hispanic/spanish but possibly other decent.” 

Whoops.  Yeah, not that one, thanks.

Mamacita – means “little mother.”  And “rather like the English word ‘momma,’ mamacita can mean a mother of both the standard and the red hot kind.”  UrbanDictionary is even so kind as to note: “If you spell it ‘mamasita,” you probably don’t speak Spanish.” 

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  Spelling does count.  The English-major within me rejoices that we caught that one before I began snagging porn-seekers from all over the not-so-Spanish-speaking world!